Born in 1995 In Pula, Zufo had lived in Croatia his whole life, but then he started playing and he now lives in Tulum where his poker career skyrocketed! 

Want to know how much? Well, since he joined BetKings he won a WSOP online bracelet, started playing higher stakes and then won 3 pocket fives triple crowns. In hist first 25k tournament he managed to get the second place.

Zufo usually plays Live poker in the US, and in his own words, "Playing poker allowed me to focus on myself, to study myself. Discovering Poker was to discover my biggest passion, and it gave me the freedom that I didn't have when I had a job: I couldn't devote energies to study myself, embrace life and change my mindset."

"I am my own coach. Before I played poker I was cleaning pools in Croatia at a summer tourist complex, during winter I worked at large supermarkets, now everything is different. When I am not playing poker, I’m studying the game or watching poker videos. People tell me that I am wise, maybe because I got gray hair soon (at 23) and in America early grey hair is considered linked to wiseness."

"Poker has changed my life dramatically since the beginning: people were telling me I had no future, that gambling is bad, but with the passion for poker my life changed. I stopped every distraction and was able to focus on improving my game. Another important result I got: I became a better person" 

Zufo is known for his aggressive playing style. Some people call him crazy but they could not be farther from the truth. Every player needs a unique style, and Zufo's one is aggressive yet carefully planned: even while playing the highest stakes and against the best players in the world he keeps the aggressiveness needed to take control of the table.
What's in Zufo's future? His project is to create a poker course for Balkan players in the local language, because he wants to give them an opportunity. Zufo is an important poker ambassador in his country, since he's the first player ever from Croatia to win a WSOP bracelet.

Since in Croatia speaking english is not widespread, he feels like the players from his country are a little bit cut off from the poker world, but he knows that there are talented players who he wants to coach.

He plans to try and play live tournaments and aim to win a 100k one. 

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