S. Madanzhiev

Name: Stoyan Madanzhiev

Profession: Pro Poker Player

Main Achievement: 2020 WSOP GG World Poker Champion

What he's doing right now: Taking care of his charity project Eight of Hearts

Born in Shumen and grown in Haskovo, Stoyan name is in history due to having won the WSOP GG Main Event in 2020: along the bracelet he got the title of World Champion, but that's not all! As the 2020 GG WSOP were the first Online Wsop Ever, Stoyan is the first Online Poker World Champion in history! 
He says that when playing online you need to figure out your opponents strategies and personal style of playing, but a lot get lost from the live thing, as you cannot understand their temper, infere clues from their looks and way of dressing. 
Its fascinating to meet pros and other poker players in person!  - Stoyan
Stoyan is very well aware that, to be a true professional poker player, you should not focus solely on the results: in his words, you should focus on what you should have done, what you could have done differently, and learning from your mistakes. 

Stoyan started playing poker quite early, and soon achieved very good results, which motivated him in play more and learning more from each game played. As a matter of fact, he never deposited money: he started with freerolls and just kept building his bankroll, strong of his belief in self development.

He likes to play all kind of games: board games but also sports like football and tennis. But his knowledge about the role of balance in one's life also brought him to meditation and yoga. But his search for mindfulness also leads him to read many different kinds of books or to watch a lot of videos and movie about life. 
My emotions, my mind, my body: the more I understand myself, the more informations I have readily available to apply in life. And in poker. - Stoyan

After he won the 2020 WSOP GG Main Event, he started a new adventure: he had proven his skills by becoming World Champion, so he started to play only when he was specifically interested in something. This brought him to creating the Eight of Hearts Charity Project

The Eight of Hearts Project
After winning the main event, and after 10 years of playing poker, I felt i wanted to do something to give back to people and society - Stoyan

Now, whenever he plays poker, he has his bankroll in mind: through his Eight of Hearts website you can find deals for a poker room that will allow you, while playing, to contribute to charity (charity sectors will be chosen by the players joining the project). The contribution won't be taken from your profits. 
One of the charity project that Eight of Hearts is already contributing to is the Dimitar Bervatov Foundation, which helps talented kids in Bulgaria to study in good schools and practice sports they are talented in: developing their skills will allow them to achieve better life conditions.
Why the Eight of Hearts? Because it is a card that can help you in any situation, and number 8 represents two things: infinity and the heart: love to others, coming from our heart- Stoyan

Stoyan is taking things step by step, but after Eight of Hearts he told us he'll definitely start new projects in the future.

About Stoyan

  • First online World Poker Champion
  • 2020 WSOP GG Main Event Winner
  • Mindfulness as a poker skill
  • Loves playing board games