Audio Space | Voice Message

Bring a new level of camaraderie to your poker experience.
With our new features, you can bring your voice to chat with fellow players,
all while enjoying your favorite poker games

Audio Space

  • You can use Audio Space to have discussions during certain Tournaments and VIP Tables.
  • Joining a Featured Final Table or VIP Table that has an Audio Space as a table observer will enter you into the Audio Space discussion as a listener.

Voice Message

  • Press the microphone button in the message window to open the recording screen.
  • Press once more to begin recording your message.
  • You can send a voice message of up to 120 seconds.

Details and Limitations
  • The broadcast of offensive content, such as racist or sexist content or images, is not permitted, nor can players use SnapCam or Audio Space to harass others. If you witness a player broadcasting such content, please contact help to make a report.
  • Players found misusing Social Features will lose access to the feature and GGPoker may take further measures if deemed necessary, such as restricted microphone usage.
  • Please be aware that submitting false reports may also lead to unfavorable consequences.
Terms & Conditions
  • Players must be aged 18+, 19+, 21+, or 24+ depending on jurisdiction, to participate.
  • Please note that any prize pools or guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current. Please check the guarantee amounts listed in the game client for the most up-to-date information.
  • We reserve the right to modify or suspend any promotion, tournament, or game feature at any time.
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, we have the right to investigate and remove the players if confirmed.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found in the game client.
Standard rules apply.
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