Use your webcam to express yourself while you play

GGPoker’s SnapCam feature allows you to share your excitement of winning a big pot or disappointment at missing all your outs with your table mates!
Show them how you feel – in 15 seconds.

How SnapCam Works

To record up to 15 seconds of video, select the green SnapCam video icon on the table (beside the emoji and chatbox icons).

When you are finished recording, press send to share it with everyone else at the table.
Let your opponents see how you feel, your highs, your lows and everything in between!

More Information About SnapCam

  • Only available on the GGPoker Desktop app for Windows PCs
  • Mac OSX and mobile device support coming soon
  • Your device must have an existing camera function to use SnapCam, with microphones also supported if available
  • Players that have muted their chat (via ‘Helmet Mode’) will be unable to view SnapCam content

How to mute SnapCap image
  • SnapCam can also be blocked if required via each player’s profile page

Block SnapCam via player profile image
  • Up to four SnapCam videos can be shared simultaneously at a single table; if more than four players attempt to share, the SnapCam content will be queued

Terms & Conditions

  • The broadcast of offensive content, such as racist or sexist content or images, is not permitted, nor can players use SnapCam to harass others. If you witness a player broadcasting such content, please contact to make a report. 
  • Players found misusing SnapCam will lose access to the feature and BetKings may take further measures if deemed necessary.