Name: Miha "Atathegreat"

Profession: Streamer

What he's doing right now: On a mission to reach 100k. He started from just 200 and his challenge attracted thousands of viewers.

Miha isn't your ordinary poker streamer: this 22 years old poker talent has already shown everyone what he is capable of with a lot of tournaments won over the course of the last few years (more than 200!).

He raised to Twitch popularity when in March the 26th, 2021, he started its bankroll challenge $200 to 10k, and he managed to reach his goal: he is now on a new challenge, and he aims to reach 100k.

While streaming, he likes to share anecdotes and to focus on valuable content based on what's going on during the game: his mission is to help the viewers to improve their poker game, so there is definitely a reason you should follow his channel. Oh, and also because he will run giveaways!

You can find his Twitch channel by clicking on the button below:

About Miha

  • More than 200 tournaments already won
  • 200 to 10k challenge completed
  • On his way to the 100k mark
  • Thousands of follower on Twitch