"It's time once again. For challengers to become
champions. Newcomers to become known.
For the lucky to become legends."
Will you write the next chapter?


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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why do I have to provide my real name during WSOP tournament registration? What are you going to do with my information?
GGPoker has worked hard to stay true to the WSOP’s heritage as the world’s leading live tournament series, and we actively want the WSOP Online Series final table experience to mimic that of a live tournament; no hiding behind aliases, you face your opponents openly and by revealing your real name, you’re joining a WSOP tradition stretching back to 1970.
Anyone making a WSOP bracelet event final table will play under their real name (in place of their GGPoker nickname), while the real names for all cash prize winners in WSOP bracelet events will be made available following the conclusion of the tournament.

- Is deal making permitted at a WSOP Bracelet event final table?
No. Deals are not permitted when a bracelet is at stake. Deals cannot be made via the GGPoker app, nor can they be made independently away from the poker software (offline).

- I’m based in a country where play at GGPoker is not permitted; What can I do?
We cannot bend the rules regarding accepted jurisdictions during the WSOP, but if you are willing to relocate to an accepted country, even on a temporary basis, we should be able to accommodate you!

- I can’t choose my country when attempting to register my account. Is there any fix for this?
Typically, if a player is unable to select their country of residence from the list made available during the sign up process, GGPoker will be unable to accept them as a player and the individual will be unable to access GGPoker products and services. So if you cannot select your country, it is likely that you will be unable to create a GGPoker account.

- What’s the policy on players winning multiple tickets to WSOP events?
If you win multiple WSOP event tickets, your unused tickets will be exchanged for T$ after the series is finished.

- I have multiple WSOP satellite and event tickets of all different values. Can I combine them in order to register for a higher buy-in event?
No, this is not possible at present.

- I have WSOP tickets; when do they expire?
You can check the expiration date of any tickets in your account by logging into the GGPoker app and viewing your tickets in the My Page > My Wallet window. The expiration date of each ticket is clearly displayed.

- I want to sell some of my action for a WSOP Online event; What is the maximum amount I can sell via the integrated staking feature? If I sell more than 50% of my action and win the event, do I still get the WSOP Bracelet?
You can sell up to 90% of your action in any GGPoker tournament. No matter how much you sell – even if you offer 90% and it is bought by a single backer – if you win a WSOP Online event, the bracelet (and the glory!) is yours alone.

Details & Limitations

- Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this series.
- WSOP events are scheduled from August 14, 2022 through September 27, 2022.
- Players must accept WSOP event terms & conditions in order to register; these will be made available within the GGPoker app and form part of the event registration process.
- If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.
- The promotion terms and conditions are subject to GG terms and conditions
- GGPoker reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
- Contact support should you experience any difficulties.
- Play Responsibly.