Invite a Friend | Get up to $6000 in bonus!

Invite a Friend | Get up to $6000 in bonus!

Everything is better with a friend: sharing a meal, taking a walk, watching a movie and… playing poker of course! 

Starting April the 1st, the more friends you have the more bonus you can get! Apply below to receive a referral code and a link to share with your friends: for every user that registers to our website with your referral code and makes a deposit, you will both get a $25 bonus!

The good news? That your friend will get this bonus ON TOP of the Welcome Bonus.

The even better news? That you are going to be able to claim UP TO $6000! How?
Simple: for every 20 friends that you invite, you will get an extra $100 in Cash Game Dollars.
And you can invite up to 200 friends, so the math is really straightforward: 200x25 = 5000$ + 1000C$.

SIX THOUSAND in bonus, just because you invite your friends to join!

Please note: your bonus, unlike the one your friends will receive, will be credited at the end of the month (as it is cumulative).

Get your referral code by clicking below:


- This promotion lasts from the 1st to the 30th of April.
- Player has to opt-in to receive his/her referral code, and has to confirm the subscription to the referral program. Unreachable or fake email addresses will cause the opt-in to be voided.
- The bonuses for this promotion are “unlock as you play”: for every 20$ in rake made by the account, $5 of the bonus will be credited to the same account, until bonus completion.
- Invited friends must not already have a BetKings or GGPoker account.
- Invited friends must deposit at least $25 within April the 30th.
- Invited friends who deposit will receive their bonus within 48 working hours.
- For each invited friend, you will receive the related bonus only if that friend has made at least $10 in wagering before April 30th.
- You will receive all the bonuses related to the invited users within 48h of the promotion ending (April 30th)
- BetKings reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time