Easter Eggs Hunt! $4,000 GTD

Easter Eggs Hunt! $4,000 GTD



Position Username Prize
1st SSain T$ 400
2nd Fish4eva T$ 300
3rd sulivan147 T$ 200
4th black-rose T$ 150
5th Daviws T$ 100
6th SendNoodles T$ 80
7th itzee T$ 60
8th gnosis4ever T$ 40
9th 13HeArTs T$ 25
10th 1nlynuts T$ 15
11th TVGBB T$ 10
12th Master Mid T$ 10
13th WisePuffin T$ 10
14th logvinator T$ 10
15th neftalin T$ 5
16th monika40 T$ 5
17th EUROVISA T$ 5
18th 7oli T$ 5
19th Trine T$ 5
20th Rickky Nguyen T$ 5
21st mamba34 T$ 5
22nd rezidenc12 T$ 5
23rd qirsi T$ 5
24th Evans VG T$ 5
25th so_legga T$ 5
26th dilancini T$ 5
27th Jigsaw7 T$ 5
28th Silver Bullet T$ 5
29th Lucas AD T$ 5
30th Joker Darkside T$ 5
31st VanillaThunder T$ 5
32nd Virgo Don T$ 5
33rd kingofgames T$ 5
34th Duc_Betkings T$ 5
35th ANKABOOT T$ 5
36th Dominate AK T$ 5

To check the full Leaderboard and day-by-day score,

Bunnies are hiding the Easter Eggs!

We at BetKings love Easter, and we were trying to gather some Easter Eggs to donate to everyone. But! Those bunnies got out of nowhere and took them away!

We need your help to find them: inside those Eggs there are the pieces of a treasure map!

Help us find the Easter Eggs and win a share of the $4,000. The promotion is made up of 2 parts: the hunt itself which takes place on our social network pages, and the freeroll which will happen on the 9th of April on the game client.

Tell me more

From the 20th of March to the 2nd of April, every day, one of the eggs will be spotted in one of our Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Discord. When this happens, a post will also appear in all of our other Social Pages. 

Above: example of a post in the other social pages (in this example, you will have to go to Facebook)

Above: example of the post with the Bunny and the Egg

You just need to answer the post with the Egg (the one with Hey, a Bunny! wording on it), and in your answer you will have to write this:
Found the Egg! [+ your username ].

"Found the egg! - betkingsplayer99 "
 ATTENTION: Be sure to correctly type your username, double check for caps or wrong digits. If you enter the wrong username you won’t be able to get points.

Got it so far. Then what?

Every time you spot an Easter Egg and you post the "Found the Egg!" along with your username, you will gain 500 points. But if you are the first one to answer, you will get 1000 points. First answer will be determined by the notification our team get first, unless the timestamp for the answers clearly shows otherwise (this means that if we receive a notification from Player 1 before Player 2, but timestamp for Player 1 is 10:30:22" and for Player 2 is 10:30:21", it will be Player 2 who will be considered first. This rule can only be applied on socials where timestamps consider seconds as well. In every other social our notification list will be decisive).

You have time to answer to the post up until another Easter Egg gets spotted in another social the next day.

So for example, if an Easter Egg gets spotted on Discord at 10am on a given day, you have time until the post with "Someone has seen a Bunny on..." comes up the next day. This will change on the last day, as you will only have up until 23:59 CET on the same day to spot the Egg.

If you answer after another Egg has ben spotted elsewhere, you won't score point for that post, but you can still go to the other social to get points for the new one.


After the final Hunt day, you will also get a Streak bonus in the form of 50 points for every consecutive day you managed to spot an Egg. Only the longest streak will be considered. (so if you spot the egg for 5 consecutive days, then no more, then you spot it on the last 4 consecutive days, your Streak Bonus will be calculated on the 5-days streak and you will therefore receive 50*5 = 250 extra points). 

To check the Leaderboard during the Hunt, click the button down below:

At the end of the treasure hunt, after the 2nd of April, the final leaderboard will be published, and the first 10 players will win a share of the $1,500 prize as per the following table:

What about the freeroll?

By participating in the treasure hunt you will get registered to the Special Easter Eggs Freeroll. The freeroll itself will have a limited amount of seats available, and all of the players who participated into the chase will start with EXTRA CHIPS. How much? It depends on how much points you have scored. 1 extra chips for each point!

For example: if during the treasure hunt you score 3,000 points, you will start the Freeroll with 3,000 extra chips.

The Freeroll itself will have a prize pool of $2,500 , structured in the following way:

Can I get even more extra chips?

Yes you can. In the same days as the hunt, 20th of March to 2nd of April, every egg-spotter who manages to reach at least $100 in rake, will get another additional 5,000 chips for the Freeroll.
ATTENTION: only if you have spotted at least one Egg you will be eligible for these 5,000 extra chips.

The Special Freeroll will be scheduled for April the 8th at 9pm CET. This may be subject to change so please be sure to check in here regularly or follow our social network pages for updates.



- Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in the Easter Eggs Hunt
- The treasure hunt will start on March the 20th when the first Egg gets spotted, and will end on April the 2nd at 22:59 CET
- Hours at which an Egg will be spotted on the social will not be disclosed beforehand, but there will be an Egg each day.
- The Easter Eggs Hunt is reserved for players who have a BetKings account.
- To score points, you need to answer to a post with the Egg (the one with "Hey, a Rabbit!") with the wording "Found the Egg!" followed by your BetKings username. Answers to the posts with the Rabbit and Egg covered in other socials won't generate any points. Be sure to type in correctly your BetKings username, as otherwise we won’t be able to assign you the points.
- The first one to answer a post with an Egg with the correct wording, will get 1000 points. Every other player answering the post with the correct wording will get 500 points. You can get extra points by spotting an egg each day, this will grant you the Streak Bonus at the end of the Hunt.
- Once the Egg gets spotted ( = the post with the Egg gets published), there is time to answer up until the moment the next post with an Egg appears. An answer after an Egg has been spotted elsewhere won't generate any points. On the last day, there will be time only up until 23:59 CET to answer the post.
- An updated leaderboard with the Treasure Hunt points will be visible at all times on our Facebook page and on our Discord Channel.
- At the end of the Hunt, if two or more players are tied in terms of points, the better place will be taken following this logic: 1) Better Place to the player who has spotted the most Eggs as the first one under a post. If still tied, 2) Better place to the player who has spotted an Egg before the other(s) during the whole Eggs Hunt (example: player 1, 2, 3 tied. Player 1 spotted an Egg before the others on the first day. Player 1 takes the place).
- To qualify directly to the Special Freeroll, you need to spot at least one Egg during the Hunt ( = you need to answer at least to one post with the egg)
- If you qualify directly to the Special Freeroll through the Eggs Hunt, you will also get additional chips to start equal to the amount of points you scored. For example, if you spot just one Egg, and you are not the first to answer the post, you will score 500 points. This means you will start the Freeroll with 500 extra chips (so 3,500 instead of the starting default of 3,000).
- If you qualified directly for the freeroll, and you scored at least $100 in rake during the period 20th of March to 2nd of April, you will get additional 5 ,000 chips for the Freeroll.
- After the Eggs Hunt has ended, the social network part of the prizes will be assigned within 4 to 6 working days.
- The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the GGPoker site terms and conditions.
- GGPoker standard rules apply.
- BetKings reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
- If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker has the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.