Discord Milestone Quest

Discord Milestone Quest

"The more we are, the better it gets!"

Freeroll Date: 26th of April
Discord Poll among users decided to have a FreeRoll instead of a FlipOut

Time for something new! Are you already a member of our Discord server? No? Well you should! There are several good reasons to be part of it, and we are adding one on top: our Milestone Quest.


Quite simple: the goal is to reward our awesome Discord community for following us and making BetKings a big family. And the more we are, the better the channel gets, right? So we set up Checkpoints and Milestones related to how many users join our channel.
Each checkpoint will generate as a reward $250 FlipOut open to all Discord users in our channel who have a BetKings account. Milestones will be richer: the first one will generate a reward of $400 FlipOut, and each one after that will double the amount of the reward. EACH TIME.

And wait until you hear the better part: there is no set amount of time to reach the checkpoints and the milestones. So every new user that joins the channel is one step closer to the next FlipOut for everyone!


Just invite as many persons as you can on our channel, and do your best to get the word around that our server does exist! The checkpoints and milestones are related to the number of total users we have on board, so the more you get in the more likely a FlipOut will be generated! To invite someone to our Discord Server, they need to follow this link: https://discord.gg/JvycrUx just copy and paste it for your friends to jump right in.


Opening Goal:
750 users. Generated FlipOut prize: $200
First Milestone: 1000 users. Generated FlipOut prize: $400 
(After Discord Poll, this Milestone will generate a Freeroll instead)

And then it goes as follows: 

users type FlipOut prize
1250 Checkpoint $250
1500 Checkpoint $250
1750 Checkpoint $250
2000 Milestone $800
2250 Checkpoint $250
2500 Checkpoint $250
2750 Checkpoint $250
3000 Milestone $1600
... ... ...

You have not joined our Discord Server yet? Then what are you waiting for? Just click below!



After a Milestone or a Checkpoint have been reached, we will announce it on Discord. The FlipOut will be scheduled within 7 days. You will have to answer the message of the announcement within 72h to claim your seat at the FlipOut.


- Players must be aged 18 or above (depending on their location) to participate in these flipouts- Discord CheckPoint and Discord Milestone Flipouts are reserved for players who have a GGPoker BetKings account
- Discord CheckPoint and Discord Milestone Flipouts are reserved for players who joined our Discord Server
- Once a Milestone or a Checkpoint have been reached, this will be announced on Discord. In order to be registered to the FlipOut, you'll need to answer the message with your username, in order for our Staff to register you. You have 72h from the announce message to answer it.
- If Discord polls highlight a user preference for Freerolls, every "FlipOut" in this page and these terms can refer to a "Freeroll". Check our Discord for confirmation.
- In both cases, minimum number of players to be registered has to be 60 for the tournament to run. If this quota is not reached, the opt-in will proceed until 23:59 PM CET on the day the quota has been reached. This means that the actual scheduling of the tournament may vary.
- FlipOut prize pool distribution will not be announced, but will be visible directly on the client. While prize pools won't change in regard to what is shown on this page, the actual distribution may change from checkpoint to checkpoint.
- If a Checkpoint or Milestone is reached and the relevant FlipOut has been already announced, if the overall amount of users drops under the requested number the FlipOut will still run. However, that Checkpoint or Milestone will still count as cleared, and once the number is reached again, it won't generate a new FlipOut. 
- If a Checkpoint or Milestone is reached and the relevant FlipOut hasn't been already announced, and the overall amount of users drops under the requested number, the FlipOut won't run and the Checkpoint or Milestone won't count as cleared. Upon reaching the required number again, the FlipOut will be announced.
- This promotion does not expire, and there are not set limits of time to reach any checkpoint or any milestone.
- BetKings reserves the right to suspend or modify the promotion at any time, without any prior communication.
- The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions.
- GGPoker standard rules apply.
- BetKings reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.- If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, BetKings and GGPoker have the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed.