Perfect Match Poker Tournament

Perfect Match Poker Tournament

Valentine's Day approaching... but that has nothing to do with this promo. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

There's no doubt that love has no place at a poker table. You are there to WIN, right?

But there is something better than just winning a tournament. Is winning in a team! So buckle up for this double tournament: we run the match, you find a teammate. Then it's up to the two of you!


From February the 2nd to February the 9th, you need to use the SPECIAL REGISTRATION PAGE to access for free the tournament. The Registration page is accessible through the button below:


- Once registrations are over, on the 10th of February, we will randomly match each player to another one, therefore creating teams of two players, one player labeled A, the other one labeled B.

- All A players will be then assigned to the Perfect Match Tournament (A), while all B players will be assigned to the Perfect Match Tournament (B). Remember: the Tournaments are FREEROLLS

- The two tournaments will have an independent prize pool, but will also assign points depending on the final place reached by a player


After the two tournaments end, an extra leaderboard will be created. Each team of 2 players will have their points summed up. The teams with the highest amount of point will get one of the corresponding prize for the leaderboard (details below)


- The team with the most points will split the corresponding prize:


Can my team score extra points?


Sure! There are 2 ways of scoring extra points for your team!

Answer to our Facebook post: at one point we will post on our Facebook Page a post related to the tournament, asking you to provide your username and betkings email. By simply answering, you will score 3 points. If your teammate does that too, that means 3+3 = 6 extra points for your team. Our Facebook Page is HERE

Follow the special link on our Telegram channel: before the tournament, we will publish a special link in our Telegram Channel. Follow the link to complete the form, and you will score 6 extra points. If your teammate does that too, that means 6+6 = 12 extra points for your team! You can access our Telegram Channel HERE



Are you ready to find your perfect Poker Match and try to win the final prize? Then click below!

Terms & Conditions

- Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this Tournament.
- Registration will open on the 2nd of February and will close on the 9th of February at 11pm CET.
- The Perfect Match Poker Tournament is reserved for players who have a BetKings account.
- After the registration is closed, BetKings will take care of randomly selecting the pairs and assigning each player to one of the tournaments. Tournaments are FREEROLLS (no buy in is required).
- At the end of the tournaments, the final leaderboard will be published considering points scored by every team + extra points scored.
- In case two teams are tied up for the final leaderboard, the following rules will be applied (in order): 1) Better placement to the team which has the player who got the highest placement in his/her tournament. 2) If both team have a player with the highest placement, the placement from the other players will be considered. 3) If still tied, better placement will go to the team which has the player who scored extra points first, either through Facebook or Telegram. 4) If no extra points have been scored by any team, better placement will go to the team which has the player who registered to the Perfect Match Poker Tournament first.
- If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker and Betings have the right to investigate and remove the players once it’s confirmed
- The promotion terms and conditions are subject to GGPoker terms and conditions, which can be found here.
- GGPoker standard rules apply.