Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival

Battle Royale: Sit & Go Survival
Rush — A fierce battle against a pool of players
Shootout — Only one player survives each table
Bounties — Collect bounties by knocking other players out

Battle Royale is a combination of all of the fun parts of the most popular tournaments.
Feel everything poker has to offer in a hour-long battle.

30 Players   15 Players   5 Players

»Rush Zone with Bounties
Constant matching at new tables
»Only the Top 15 Survive
Round 1 ends when only 15 players remain
»15 Minute Time Limit
At the end of the time limit, players outside of top 15 are eliminated
Bounties of eliminated players are combined to the prize pool


Playing aggressively is rewarded! In the event of a tie at the end of the time limit, finishing order will be decided as follows:
The Player with more kills ranks higher
The Player with more hands played ranks higher

»Shootout Zone
Play until there is only one player remaining at the table
»5 Minutes, 3 Max Table
If there are multiple players remaining after 5 minutes, game goes into All-In Mode
»All-In Mode
All players are forced all-in every hand until only one player remains

Speedy play is rewarded as players who go through Stage 2 faster are given seat selection advantages at the Final Table

»Final Table
Final table is played in normal bounty tournament format
»In The Money
All players who make the Final Table are in the money

5% of the buy-in goes to the rake.
$0.25 of the buy-in is subject to 4% of the rake.

Battle Royale

What could be better than combining your favorite online poker games in one all-action 30-player Texas Hold’em poker tournament? With Battle Royale Poker, you get the non-stop thrills of the Rush Zone, the targeted pressure of the Shootout Zone, and the high-intensity play always found at the Final Table.

Battle Royale is a new kind of online poker tournament, with a progressive bounty structure sitting on top of it all, ensuring that you’ll collect a bounty with each knock-out made. The more players you eliminate, the bigger the bounty you collect AND the bigger the bounty on your own head!

Join us in this Sit & Go poker tournament by entering the Battle Royale arena, and stake your claim to be the one of the very best; only the top poker players will survive until the end and become a Battle Royale champion!

Terms & Conditions

- Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this series.
- Please note that tournament prize pool guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current; please check the guarantee amounts - listed in the tournament lobby of the GGPoker app for up-to-date prize pool information.
- Payout structure (the number of players that will win a prize in any given tournament) is determined by the number of unique players that participate in a tournament, as opposed to the total number of tournament entries.
- The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions.
- GGPoker standard rules apply.
- Play Responsibly.