C. Rayan

Name: Rayan

Profession: Streamer

What he's doing right now: Growing his poker community and donating to charity

You may already know Rayan from his streams, as recently he gained popularity thanks to his very entertaining style, and his habit of regularly donating to charity part of his winnings. And in October he won quite a bit!

While streaming, he likes to interact with the viewers, ask how their days is and what they have planned for the weekend, etc.. He shares about his life and hobbies even outside of poker, and one notable hobby is... Mario Kart!

You can find his Twitch channel by clicking on the button below:

About Rayan

  • 300k won at WPT Montreal Online
  • Started streaming in June 2021
  • Regularly donates to charity
  • Saved 16 dogs with a single stream